Santosh Rajan

Crazy Indian Software Engineer


Software Consultant

Open Source Geek

Founder - E2E Systems Solutions 2000 - 2004

Graduated from National Institute of Technology, Calicut 1982.


I have been crazy about programming for 33 years! Educating the new generation of software engineers is my passion. GEEKSKOOL is a product of this passion. If you want to help in any way as sponsor, mentor, get in touch with me. And if you are a student, don't miss this opportunity, apply!

Startups are not just about a great idea and marketing. They are also about a great product and great people.

Recent work and articles

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Functional JavaScript - a book I am writing

Monads - An esoteric programming concept in JavaScript

Dynamic Layouts in Swift

Creator - The Elevator Canvas

Creator - The Minimum Viable Canvas

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